US Jewels Ladies Columbus Mall 925 Sterling Silver Pen Saint Rita Medal 18.5mm $40 US Jewels Ladies 925 Sterling Silver 18.5mm Saint Rita Medal Pen Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women US Jewels Ladies Columbus Mall 925 Sterling Silver Pen Saint Rita Medal 18.5mm Saint,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Medal,Rita,,$40,US,/Antipedobaptist186882.html,Jewels,Silver,Ladies,18.5mm,Pen,925,Sterling Saint,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Medal,Rita,,$40,US,/Antipedobaptist186882.html,Jewels,Silver,Ladies,18.5mm,Pen,925,Sterling $40 US Jewels Ladies 925 Sterling Silver 18.5mm Saint Rita Medal Pen Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

US Jewels Ladies Columbus Mall 925 Limited time sale Sterling Silver Pen Saint Rita Medal 18.5mm

US Jewels Ladies 925 Sterling Silver 18.5mm Saint Rita Medal Pen


US Jewels Ladies 925 Sterling Silver 18.5mm Saint Rita Medal Pen

Product Description

US Jewels Religious Pendants
us3102rh_nochn us3102_box 3102-p 3102-p
Polished Finish Pendant Polished Finish Pendant Necklace Antique Finish Pendant Antique Finish Pendant Necklace
925 Sterling Silver
Length 18.5mm 18.5mm 18.5mm 18.5mm
Width 18.5mm 18.5mm 18.5mm 18.5mm
Choice of anti-tarnish chains
Antiqued Finish
Polished Finish

US Jewels Ladies 925 Sterling Silver 18.5mm Saint Rita Medal Pen

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