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Collectible 2021 new Military Decals 4in 12pack Appreciatio Share Manufacturer direct delivery Your

Collectible Military Decals (4in,12pack), Share Your Appreciatio


Collectible Military Decals (4in,12pack), Share Your Appreciatio

Product description

Size:4IN, 12pack

Our patriotic Military decals are a perfect way to show pride in your job or your country. Our patriotic stickers are an easy way to show others what you are proud of.

Our decorative decals are made with a durable, water and UV-Resistant, reflective, vinyl. They are highly visible, even in the dark. Attaching our adhesive stickers, to your vehicle will help others see you and keep you safely visible while showing your pride.

Whether you support the Marines, Army, Law Enforcement, Firemen, EMS/EMT, Veterans, or all of the above, we have a decal that says it for you. You can share support and your patriotic appreciation, for the servicemen of a great country, every day. We also have a hobbies line, for fishing, hunting, and poker.

The adhesive stickers are tough enough to travel the world. The possibilities for placement are endless. Our patriotic decals are great on Luggage, Helmets, Tablets, Computers, or any form of transportation like your Car, SUV, or Bike. You will be displaying your appreciation, support, and pride.

For the people who share your pride,our patriotic decals make the perfect gift for any occasion: Birthdays, Weddings, Father’s and Mother’s Day, or Christmas. Our American Decals are always appropriate for men or women.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your Money Back! We are positive you will love our decals but if for any reason you are not satisfied with our Military stickers just return it for a full refund or a replacement on us. We know you will love our patriotic merchandise as much as we do.

How to apply decals:

1. Make sure the surface is dry and clean from all dirt, dust, oil, and grease.

2. Peel off the backing. Rub the face of the decal through the transfer tape with a squeegee forcing out any air pockets.

3. Once the decal has been firmly rubbed onto the surface, peel up one corner of the transfer tape and pull it off the decal at a sharp angle.

Collectible Military Decals (4in,12pack), Share Your Appreciatio

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