$33 Rapesco Stapler 747, 50 Sheet Capacity Office Products Office School Supplies Stapler,Office Products , Office School Supplies,50,emsbodyline.com.pl,Sheet,$33,Capacity,/Dodonaeaceae410681.html,Rapesco,747, Stapler,Office Products , Office School Supplies,50,emsbodyline.com.pl,Sheet,$33,Capacity,/Dodonaeaceae410681.html,Rapesco,747, $33 Rapesco Stapler 747, 50 Sheet Capacity Office Products Office School Supplies Rapesco Stapler 747 50 Austin Mall Sheet Capacity Rapesco Stapler 747 50 Austin Mall Sheet Capacity

Rapesco Stapler 747 50 Austin Mall Sheet In stock Capacity

Rapesco Stapler 747, 50 Sheet Capacity


Rapesco Stapler 747, 50 Sheet Capacity

From the manufacturer

50 Sheet Capacity

The 747 staples up to 50 sheets of standard 80gsm paper, making it an ideal executive stapler.

Luna Spinna 747 X5-90ps HD-100
Sheet Capacity 50 Sheet 50 Sheet 50 Sheet 90 Sheet 100 Sheet
Staple Compatibility 26/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") and 24/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") 26/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") and 24/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") 26/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") and 24/6-8mm (1/4" - 5/16") 24/6mm (1/4") and 923 (type 23) 8-12mm (5/16" - 1/2") 923/6-13mm (1/4" - 1/2"), 24/8mm (5/16") and 24/6mm (1/4")
Available Colors Blue/ Silver/ Dark Grey Black/ White Black Black Black/ White
Additional Features Front-loading Front-loading and margin adjuster Front-loading and margin adjuster Less-effort mechanism and margin adjuster High Capacity

Rapesco Stapler 747, 50 Sheet Capacity


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