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Avaya 4424LD+ Telephone Black


Avaya 4424LD+ Telephone Black

Product description

Magix 24 button large screen display speaker phone black the Avaya 4424LD phone provides powerful features that help make everyday business communication easy, effective, and productive. This phone supports the latest high-speed digital communications interfaces, giving you clear, high-quality voice calling using the most cost-effective communications facilities available to your business. Single pair wiring enables you to integrate the phones using existing premises wiring--saving you the cost of rewiring your offices. The 4424LD telephone offers the most popular, convenient, widely-used business calling features to help ensure that you and your employees can communicate as easily and effectively as possible, with all your callers. 7-line x 24-character Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) # 24 programmable line/feature buttons # Provides access to administrator programming menus via soft keys # Dedicated headset jack # Displays Caller ID and internal extension information # Provides such features as hold, transfer, conference, redial, and mute # Built-in 2-way speaker phone

Avaya 4424LD+ Telephone Black

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