A9500530,Aluminum,emsbodyline.com.pl,$325,Expedition,Top,Triumph,/amacrinal410896.html,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Box A9500530,Aluminum,emsbodyline.com.pl,$325,Expedition,Top,Triumph,/amacrinal410896.html,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Box $325 Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box A9500530 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $325 Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box A9500530 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports OFFer Triumph Expedition Aluminum Box A9500530 Top OFFer Triumph Expedition Aluminum Box A9500530 Top

OFFer Triumph Expedition Aluminum Box A9500530 Top Columbus Mall

Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box A9500530


Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box A9500530

Product description

The Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box in silver is a water-resistant box made from 1.5mm thick single skin aluminum structure with enhanced protection from polymer corner bumper reinforcements. The Sliding Carriage Kit (A2353434) is required for installation. The top box features Triumph branded base and latch, quick release attachment for ease of use, 42 liters capacity, added security of a "one key" locking mechanism using the bike's ignition key. Dynamic mounting assembly ensures performance levels are not compromised even when fully loaded. A significant weight savings is offered compared to the Adventure Top Box. This item fits the following models: Tiger 800 XC (model year 2015 and newer), Tiger 800 XR, Tiger 800 XRx, Tiger 800 XCx, Tiger 800 XRt, Tiger 800 XCa.

Triumph Expedition Aluminum Top Box A9500530

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