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Yaheetech Walnut Bentwood Counter Stools Adjus Ranking TOP8 PU Leather Modern unisex

Yaheetech Walnut Bentwood Counter Stools Modern PU Leather Adjus


Yaheetech Walnut Bentwood Counter Stools Modern PU Leather Adjus

Product Description


Quick overview:

  • Spruce up your home bar or kitchen island with this modern height-adjustable bentwood stool. It's crafted with a shiny chrome-plated pedestal base and faux leather upholstered foam seat with a veneered bentwood back for a sleek modern look. The height of this versatile stool with a gas lift can be adjusted from 24.6” to 33”, so you can easily transform it from a counter height stool into a bar height stool with a lift at the lever. A quick and simple setup is required.

Yaheetech Walnut Bentwood Counter Stools Modern PU Leather Adjus

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