$48 925 sterling silver bracelet for men gift for men bracelet men g Handmade Products Jewelry bracelet,bracelet,for,men,men,men,emsbodyline.com.pl,Handmade Products , Jewelry,sterling,silver,/betongue855745.html,$48,925,for,g,gift Los Angeles Mall 925 sterling silver bracelet g for gift men Los Angeles Mall 925 sterling silver bracelet g for gift men bracelet,bracelet,for,men,men,men,emsbodyline.com.pl,Handmade Products , Jewelry,sterling,silver,/betongue855745.html,$48,925,for,g,gift $48 925 sterling silver bracelet for men gift for men bracelet men g Handmade Products Jewelry

Luxury Los Angeles Mall 925 sterling silver bracelet g for gift men

925 sterling silver bracelet for men gift for men bracelet men g


925 sterling silver bracelet for men gift for men bracelet men g

✈️GET IT FAST! Free DHL express shipping to USA - delivery in 3 days!

925 sterling silver chain bracelet for men with ? razor blade design in the center. Comes with an adjustable chain which can be set fοr your wrist size from 16 to 21 cm / 6.29 to 8.26". Please choose your size from the drop down list, so I can adjust it for your wrist before sending it to you.

✅ A unique design made with great craftsmanship and detail for the bold modern man. Its construction is ? robust and reliable while undergoing a special oxidation treatment process, which gives a ? stunning matte velvety texture and at the same time makes it immune to the factors that could affect sterling silver.

Also a perfect choice for a lovely ? gift as it is delivered inside an elegant branded gift box wrapped with a ribbon amp; a boutique quality matching paper bag! (view last photo of this listing)

⚖ Weight: 6,4 gr

✏ My new collection is designed with the most up to date methods and equipment, offering a wide range of fine detailed valuable accessories for men featuring different amp; unmatched designs of the latest and most extreme trends in ? fashion.
It is aimed at the ? bold, ? trendy and ? dynamic men who choose to stand out and make a statement through their identity with their outfit and style.

These new stunning creations are inspired by ? art, ?travel, ? different trades, ? history, ⛪ religion and the ? inner search of oneself, with a special emphasis on ? music and ? style.

“Emmanuela” men's jewelry designs are so ? trendy and ?unique that they can be worn on any occasion.

925 sterling silver bracelet for men gift for men bracelet men g

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