InstallerParts 10 Pack Ethernet CAT5E FT Selling rankings Shielded Cable CAT5E,(10,(FT,Cable,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pack),Shielded,InstallerParts,/caenostyly410740.html,Ethernet,$23,Cable $23 InstallerParts (10 Pack) Ethernet Cable CAT5E Cable Shielded (FT Electronics Computers Accessories InstallerParts 10 Pack Ethernet CAT5E FT Selling rankings Shielded Cable $23 InstallerParts (10 Pack) Ethernet Cable CAT5E Cable Shielded (FT Electronics Computers Accessories CAT5E,(10,(FT,Cable,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pack),Shielded,InstallerParts,/caenostyly410740.html,Ethernet,$23,Cable

InstallerParts 10 Pack Shipping included Ethernet CAT5E FT Selling rankings Shielded Cable

InstallerParts (10 Pack) Ethernet Cable CAT5E Cable Shielded (FT


InstallerParts (10 Pack) Ethernet Cable CAT5E Cable Shielded (FT

Product Description

CAT 5E Shielded Ethernet Patch Cables
The Cat5E Shielded Cables use Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) shielding, which encases the wiring in an aluminum coating specifically designed to greatly reduce crosstalk noise and protect against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). This feature is particularly useful in environments with high amounts of excess noise, as the connection will not diminish. Our Cat 5E Shielded Ethernet Cables provide lightning-fast data transfer rates with the highest quality connection possible. Whether it be your PC, laptop, entertainment system, or other device, be assured that you will have a secure, consistent connection every time you use an InstallerParts ethernet patch cable.

Pure Copper Cable
InstallerParts CAT 5E patch cables are made of 100% premium bare copper wire, making our cables fully compliant with UL standards. These high-quality cables provide exceptional transmission performance and low signal losses. Other patch cables that are made of CCA (copper clad aluminum wire), are prone to data loss and slow speeds.

High-Quality Materials

​All of our cables use Gold-plated RJ-45 connectors as well as pure copper wiring to increase connectivity quality and to prevent corrosion. Our cables only use the best materials to ensure a top-notch connection for years to come.

Fast Transfer Speed 

With lightning-fast speeds of up to 1GB per second, our booted ethernet cables provide reliable, efficient data transfer for server applications, cloud storage, video streaming and more. InstallerParts patch cables support up to 350MHz.

Flexible amp; Durable

All InstallerParts patch cables are encased in a durable PVC jacket for maximum protection and flexibility. The PVC coating protects the cable against water, dust, and other contaminants to prevent network connectivity errors and keep your devices running smoothly.

InstallerParts (10 Pack) Ethernet Cable CAT5E Cable Shielded (FT

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