DOGGIE DESIGN Seattle Mall Tough Waterproof Alpine Outer All-Weath Polyester $23 DOGGIE DESIGN Tough, Waterproof Outer Polyester Alpine All-Weath Pet Supplies Cats DOGGIE DESIGN Seattle Mall Tough Waterproof Alpine Outer All-Weath Polyester All-Weath,$23,DESIGN,Tough,,Waterproof,Alpine,,/gawkishly762791.html,Pet Supplies , Cats,Polyester,Outer,DOGGIE All-Weath,$23,DESIGN,Tough,,Waterproof,Alpine,,/gawkishly762791.html,Pet Supplies , Cats,Polyester,Outer,DOGGIE $23 DOGGIE DESIGN Tough, Waterproof Outer Polyester Alpine All-Weath Pet Supplies Cats

New Free Shipping DOGGIE DESIGN Seattle Mall Tough Waterproof Alpine Outer All-Weath Polyester

DOGGIE DESIGN Tough, Waterproof Outer Polyester Alpine All-Weath


DOGGIE DESIGN Tough, Waterproof Outer Polyester Alpine All-Weath

Product description


The new Alpine coats are made with a tough, waterproof outer polyester. The layers are designed with extra fiber fill for added warmth and protection. Finally, the interior is lined with a thick warm fleece. They come with adjustable straps, covered d-ring access hole, fur lined collar with neck cinch, and reflective night safety straps and trim. Available in sizes XS thru 5XL (4 to 120 Lbs.). May fit dogs up to 150 Lbs., depending on chest size.

DOGGIE DESIGN Tough, Waterproof Outer Polyester Alpine All-Weath

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