VIVA Safety and trust Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels White Double 6 Rolls Roll Towels,,,,Double,$23,White,Paper,VIVA,6,/geomalic410843.html,Rolls,,Roll,,Choose-A-Sheet,Health Household , Household Supplies $23 VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, White , Double Roll, 6 Rolls Health Household Household Supplies Towels,,,,Double,$23,White,Paper,VIVA,6,/geomalic410843.html,Rolls,,Roll,,Choose-A-Sheet,Health Household , Household Supplies VIVA Safety and trust Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels White Double 6 Rolls Roll $23 VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, White , Double Roll, 6 Rolls Health Household Household Supplies

VIVA Safety and trust Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels White Double Soldering 6 Rolls Roll

VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, White , Double Roll, 6 Rolls


VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, White , Double Roll, 6 Rolls

Product description

Unleash the paper towel that cleans like cloth. With a soft, smooth texture and cloth-like durability, VIVA Paper Towels help you tackle any job, wet or dry. Polish china, clean dirt off patio decor or wipe away splatters in the microwave. VIVA Paper Towels are tough on messes but soft on skin and delicate surfaces. The absorbent paper towel sheets are perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleanups, and this pack of paper towels lets you select a size for any mess. Includes two packs of 6 Choose-A-Sheet Double Rolls. With more sheets vs. the leading national brand, each paper towel roll has 126 individually perforated sheets. Plus, with Amazon Subscribe amp; Save, you can save up to 15% and conveniently keep VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels on hand. Schedule routine delivery with free shipping, and you can change or cancel a delivery at any time. Strong and soft VIVA is ready to tackle any size job in your home.

VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, White , Double Roll, 6 Rolls

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