$140 Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase, 36 in Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,36,Double,Concepts,Wide,Wood,/matronhood186876.html,MI4836,Shelf,6,in,Bookcase,,$140,in,emsbodyline.com.pl Concepts in Wood MI4836 High quality 6 Wide Bookcase Double 36 Shelf Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,36,Double,Concepts,Wide,Wood,/matronhood186876.html,MI4836,Shelf,6,in,Bookcase,,$140,in,emsbodyline.com.pl $140 Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase, 36 in Home Kitchen Furniture Concepts in Wood MI4836 High quality 6 Wide Bookcase Double 36 Shelf

Concepts in Max 75% OFF Wood MI4836 High quality 6 Wide Bookcase Double 36 Shelf

Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase, 36 in


Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase, 36 in

Product description


The Concepts in Wood 6 shelf double wide Bookcase has a beautiful 10 step finish on wood veneer that really sets this bookshelf apart from the rest and utilizes a environmentally friendly zero VOC emissions finish process. This is a piece of furniture using solid wood trim pieces and wood veneer panels versus all the paper laminate varieties out there. Very durable with 70lb. weight capacity per shelf. 4 adjustable shelves allow you to customize the storage space to accommodate a variety of book sizes and 2 fixed shelves provide structural reinforcement. A dowel and cam lock assembly design ensures a strong durable bookcase. Wood elements are sourced in the USA and assembled in Mexico. This versatile storage bookcase is ideal for home or office use, laundry, bedroom, kitchen, garage or any other room. Ready for assembly.

Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase, 36 in

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